input time: 2010-02-10 [originally composed 2009-03-06] | 19:26 | you will find these words here:
>> >had we met in another life< <<
on the anniversary of your death
nothing much remarkable happened to me
i felt no immortal breath
no whisper of your presence, no sudden spirituality

too many years to count have passed me by
clear-cutting the memories like a bad disease
i stopped resisting it and i don�t know why
now i just do whatever i please�

had we met in another life
maybe the clich� simply wouldn�t apply
had we met before the dying age
maybe we would still be on the same page

on the anniversary of the day we met
nothing much happened that i want to talk about
i�m not gonna bore you by listing my regrets
one more crappy list that�s too long to count

i missed you horribly, and couldn�t wait to tell you 
all about my dreams
i momentarily forgot, in the thick of it all, 
that you were no longer here with me

am i the only one
who sees the irony here?
i should be the missing one
i�m the one with the fear

had we met in another life
i�d admit that you were right
right about everything
it wasn�t even worth the fight�

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